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Saturday - Thursday: 8 AM - 10:30 PM

Friday: Closed

Doctor Department Date Time
Dr. Moosa Manik IbrahimCardiologyToday8:30PM
Dr. Anisha Vaidhiya JoshiDentistryToday9:30AM
Dr. Mohamed SiyanDentistryToday3:00PM
Dr. Subin Baby SomanDentistryToday6:00PM
Dr. Mauroof HussainENTToday3:15PM
Dr. Ali NazeemInternal MedicineToday7:00PM
Dr. Malaka ShafiuObstetrics & GynecologyToday12:30PM
Dr. Mohamed HabeebOrthopedicsToday7:00PM
Dr. MahapatraPediatricsToday12:30PM
Dr. Moosa HussainPulmonologyToday19:30 - 20:34
Dr. Shahula AfeefRadiologyToday15:00 - 17:30
Dr. Moosa Manik IbrahimCardiologyTomorrow8:30PM
Dr. Anisha Vaidhiya JoshiDentistryTomorrow9:30AM
Dr. Mohamed SiyanDentistryTomorrow3:00PM
Dr. Subin Baby SomanDentistryTomorrow6:00PM
Dr. Mauroof HussainENTTomorrow3:15PM
Dr. Ali NazeemInternal MedicineTomorrow7:00PM
Dr. Malaka ShafiuObstetrics & GynecologyTomorrow12:30PM
Dr. Mohamed HabeebOrthopedicsTomorrow7:00PM
Dr. MahapatraPediatricsTomorrow12:30PM
Dr. Moosa HussainPulmonologyTomorrow19:30 - 20:35
Dr. Shahula AfeefRadiologyTomorrow15:00 - 17:30
Dr. Moosa Manik IbrahimCardiology25 July8:30PM
Dr. Anisha Vaidhiya JoshiDentistry25 July9:30AM
Dr. Mohamed SiyanDentistry25 July3:00PM
Dr. Subin Baby SomanDentistry25 July6:00PM
Dr. Mauroof HussainENT25 July3:15PM
Dr. Ali NazeemInternal Medicine25 July7:00PM
Dr. Malaka ShafiuObstetrics & Gynecology25 July12:30PM
Dr. Mohamed HabeebOrthopedics25 July7:00PM
Dr. MahapatraPediatrics25 July12:30PM
Dr. Moosa HussainPulmonology25 July19:30 - 20:36
Dr. Shahula AfeefRadiology25 July15:00 - 17:30
Dr. Moosa Manik IbrahimCardiology27 July8:30PM
Dr. Anisha Vaidhiya JoshiDentistry27 July9:30AM
Dr. Mohamed SiyanDentistry27 July3:00PM
Dr. Subin Baby SomanDentistry27 July6:00PM
Dr. Mauroof HussainENT27 July3:15PM
Dr. Ali NazeemInternal Medicine27 July7:00PM
Dr. Malaka ShafiuObstetrics & Gynecology27 July12:30PM
Dr. Mohamed HabeebOrthopedics27 July7:00PM
Dr. MahapatraPediatrics27 July12:30PM
Dr. Moosa HussainPulmonology27 July19:30 - 20:31
Dr. Shahula AfeefRadiology27 July15:00 - 17:30
Dr. Moosa Manik IbrahimCardiology28 July8:30PM
Dr. Anisha Vaidhiya JoshiDentistry28 July9:30AM
Dr. Mohamed SiyanDentistry28 July3:00PM
Dr. Subin Baby SomanDentistry28 July6:00PM
Dr. Mauroof HussainENT28 July3:15PM
Dr. Ali NazeemInternal Medicine28 July7:00PM
Dr. Malaka ShafiuObstetrics & Gynecology28 July12:30PM
Dr. Mohamed HabeebOrthopedics28 July7:00PM
Dr. MahapatraPediatrics28 July12:30PM
Dr. Moosa HussainPulmonology28 July19:30 - 20:32
Dr. Shahula AfeefRadiology28 July15:00 - 17:30
Dr. Moosa Manik IbrahimCardiology29 July8:30PM
Dr. Anisha Vaidhiya JoshiDentistry29 July9:30AM
Dr. Mohamed SiyanDentistry29 July3:00PM
Dr. Subin Baby SomanDentistry29 July6:00PM
Dr. Mauroof HussainENT29 July3:15PM
Dr. Ali NazeemInternal Medicine29 July7:00PM
Dr. Malaka ShafiuObstetrics & Gynecology29 July12:30PM
Dr. Mohamed HabeebOrthopedics29 July7:00PM
Dr. MahapatraPediatrics29 July12:30PM
Dr. Moosa HussainPulmonology29 July19:30 - 20:33
Dr. Shahula AfeefRadiology29 July15:00 - 17:30
Note: Schedule is subjected to change and might not reflect immediately.