Opening Hours

Open 24 Hours

Doctor Department Date Time
Dr. Hari Krishna VajanapallyDentistryToday13:00
Dr. Khaulath MohamedDentistryToday10:00
Dr. Lekha Sanel SinghDentistryToday13:00
Dr. Ahmed MigdhaadhInternal MedicineToday09:00
Dr. Mariyam NiyazInternal MedicineToday09:00
Dr. Moosa MuradInternal MedicineToday13:30
Dr. Ibrahim ShihamNephrologyToday09:30
Dr. Aminath SaleemOpthalmologyToday13:00
Dr. Fathimath Niuma AhmedOpthalmologyToday08:00
Dr. Aishath EleenaPediatric CardiologyToday09:00
Dr. Mohamed IsmailPulmonologyToday09:00
Dr. Moosa HussainPulmonologyToday13:00
Dr. Lekha Sanel SinghDentistryTomorrow08:00
Dr. Aminath LuhushanDermatologyTomorrow13:00
Dr. Ahmed MigdhaadhInternal MedicineTomorrow11:30
Dr. Ali Abdulla LatheefInternal MedicineTomorrow09:30
Dr. Hafsa MohamedInternal MedicineTomorrow09:30
Dr. Mariyam NiyazInternal MedicineTomorrow09:30
Dr. Ibrahim ShihamNephrologyTomorrow09:30
Dr. Aminath SaleemOpthalmologyTomorrow08:00
Dr. Fathimath Niuma AhmedOpthalmologyTomorrow08:00
Dr. Mohamed IsmailPulmonologyTomorrow13:00
Dr. DhiyanaDentistry27 August08:00
Dr. Khaulath MohamedDentistry27 August13:00
Dr. Mahefooza MoosaDermatology27 August09:00
Dr. Dibya SharmaENT27 August09:00
Dr. Ahmed MigdhaadhInternal Medicine27 August09:00
Dr. Ali NazeemInternal Medicine27 August14:00
Dr. Ibrahim ShujauInternal Medicine27 August09:00
Dr. Fathimath Niuma AhmedOpthalmology27 August10:00
Dr. Pardha Saradhi NattaOpthalmology27 August10:00
Dr. Aishath EleenaPediatric Cardiology27 August09:00
Dr. Mohamed IsmailPulmonology27 August13:00
Dr. Mohamed ShifanSurgery27 August09:30
Dr. Hari Krishna VajanapallyDentistry28 August08:00
Dr. Lekha Sanel SinghDentistry28 August13:00
Dr. Aminath LuhushanDermatology28 August13:00
Dr. Mahefooza MoosaDermatology28 August09:00
Dr. Dibya SharmaENT28 August09:00
Dr. Ahmed MigdhaadhInternal Medicine28 August11:00
Dr. Ali Abdulla LatheefInternal Medicine28 August09:00
Dr. Ali NazeemInternal Medicine28 August14:00
Dr. Hafsa MohamedInternal Medicine28 August09:00
Dr. Mariyam NiyazInternal Medicine28 August09:00
Dr. Moosa MuradInternal Medicine28 August13:30
Dr. Ibrahim ShihamNephrology28 August09:00
Dr. Pardha Saradhi NattaOpthalmology28 August08:00
Dr. Moosa HussainPulmonology28 August09:00
Dr. DhiyanaDentistry29 August13:00
Dr. Hari Krishna VajanapallyDentistry29 August08:00
Dr. Aminath LuhushanDermatology29 August09:00
Dr. Mahefooza MoosaDermatology29 August09:00
Dr. Ibrahim ShujauInternal Medicine29 August09:00
Dr. Moosa MuradInternal Medicine29 August13:30
Dr. Rajib Dey Internal Medicine29 August09:00
Dr. Aminath SaleemOpthalmology29 August08:00
Dr. Pardha Saradhi NattaOpthalmology29 August08:00
Dr. Moosa HussainPulmonology29 August09:00
Dr. DhiyanaDentistry31 August08:00
Dr. Khaulath MohamedDentistry31 August10:00
Dr. Khaulath MohamedDentistry31 August08:00
Dr. Aminath LuhushanDermatology31 August09:00
Dr. Mahefooza MoosaDermatology31 August13:00
Dr. Dibya SharmaENT31 August09:00
Dr. Ahmed MigdhaadhInternal Medicine31 August11:00
Dr. Rajib Dey Internal Medicine31 August09:00
Dr. Thasneem FarooqObstetrics & Gynecology31 August11:00
Dr. Thasneem FarooqObstetrics & Gynecology31 August09:00
Dr. Pardha Saradhi NattaOpthalmology31 August08:00
Dr. Abbasa Abdul HamidPediatrics31 August09:00
Dr. SinaanathPediatrics31 August09:00
Dr. SinaanathPediatrics31 August13:30
Dr. Anil DhunganaSurgery31 August13:00
Dr. Ibrahim MisbahSurgery31 August09:00
Note: Schedule is subjected to change and might not reflect immediately.