Family Care
Opening Hours

Saturday - Thursday: 9 AM to 10:30 PM

Friday: Closed

Doctor Department Date Time
Dr. Mohamed Haikl Abdul RahmanDermatologyTodayOFF
Asiya Abdul RaheemDietetics & Nutrition TherapyToday8:00pm
Dr. Abdul Azeez YoosufInternal MedicineToday10:00am
Dr. Ibrahim ShujauInternal MedicineTodayOFF
Dr. Rajib Dey Internal MedicineTodayOFF
Dr. Ibrahim ShihamNephrologyToday8:30pm
Dr. Ahmed RasheedNeurologyToday4:00pm
Dr. Hawwa HanaObstetrics & GynecologyToday08:30pm
Dr. Meeta JollyObstetrics & GynecologyTodayOFF
Dr. Mohamed Aseel JaleelObstetrics & GynecologyTodayOFF
Dr. Shanaz DoleObstetrics & GynecologyToday6:30pm
Dr. Aminath Minna HussainPediatricsTodayOFF
Dr. Niyasha Ibrahim MohamedPediatricsToday7:00pm
Dr. Zumra Latheef PediatricsToday12:00pm
Dr. Shanooha MansoorPsychiatryTodayOFF
Dr. Aminath Arifa RadiologyToday8:00pm
Dr. Aminath Nazeer RadiologyToday5:00pm
Dr. Mohamed WaheedSurgeryToday8:00pm
Dr. Neeza HaleemSurgeryTodayOFF
Maumoon AsimSurgeryToday05:00pm
Dr. Mohamed Haikl Abdul RahmanDermatologyTomorrowOFF
Asiya Abdul RaheemDietetics & Nutrition TherapyTomorrow08:00pm
Dr. Abdul Azeez YoosufInternal MedicineTomorrowOFF
Dr. Ibrahim ShujauInternal MedicineTomorrowOFF
Dr. Rajib Dey Internal MedicineTomorrowOFF
Dr. Ibrahim ShihamNephrologyTomorrow8:30pm
Dr. Ahmed RasheedNeurologyTomorrow4:00pm
Dr. Hawwa HanaObstetrics & GynecologyTomorrow08:30pm
Dr. Meeta JollyObstetrics & GynecologyTomorrowOFF
Dr. Mohamed Aseel JaleelObstetrics & GynecologyTomorrowOFF
Dr. Shanaz DoleObstetrics & GynecologyTomorrow6:30pm
Dr. Aminath Minna HussainPediatricsTomorrowOFF
Dr. Niyasha Ibrahim MohamedPediatricsTomorrow7:00pm
Dr. Zumra Latheef PediatricsTomorrow12:00pm
Dr. Shanooha MansoorPsychiatryTomorrowOFF
Dr. Aminath Arifa RadiologyTomorrow8:00pm
Dr. Aminath Nazeer RadiologyTomorrow5:00pm
Dr. Mohamed WaheedSurgeryTomorrow08:00pm
Dr. Neeza HaleemSurgeryTomorrowOFF
Maumoon AsimSurgeryTomorrow05:00pm
Dr. Mohamed Haikl Abdul RahmanDermatology20 JulyOFF
Asiya Abdul RaheemDietetics & Nutrition Therapy20 JulyOFF
Dr. Abdul Azeez YoosufInternal Medicine20 July10:40am
Dr. Ibrahim ShujauInternal Medicine20 JulyOFF
Dr. Rajib Dey Internal Medicine20 JulyOFF
Dr. Ibrahim ShihamNephrology20 JulyOFF
Dr. Ahmed RasheedNeurology20 JulyOFF
Dr. Hawwa HanaObstetrics & Gynecology20 July08:30pm
Dr. Meeta JollyObstetrics & Gynecology20 JulyOFF
Dr. Mohamed Aseel JaleelObstetrics & Gynecology20 JulyOFF
Dr. Shanaz DoleObstetrics & Gynecology20 July6:30pm
Dr. Aminath Minna HussainPediatrics20 JulyOFF
Dr. Niyasha Ibrahim MohamedPediatrics20 July07:00pm
Dr. Zumra Latheef Pediatrics20 July12:00pm
Dr. Shanooha MansoorPsychiatry20 JulyOFF
Dr. Aminath Arifa Radiology20 July8:00pm
Dr. Aminath Nazeer Radiology20 July10:00am
Dr. Mohamed WaheedSurgery20 JulyOFF
Dr. Neeza HaleemSurgery20 JulyOFF
Maumoon AsimSurgery20 JulyOFF
Dr. Mohamed Haikl Abdul RahmanDermatology21 JulyOFF
Asiya Abdul RaheemDietetics & Nutrition Therapy21 July8:00pm
Dr. Abdul Azeez YoosufInternal Medicine21 JulyOFF
Dr. Ibrahim ShujauInternal Medicine21 JulyOFF
Dr. Rajib Dey Internal Medicine21 JulyOFF
Dr. Ibrahim ShihamNephrology21 July8:30pm
Dr. Ahmed RasheedNeurology21 July4:00pm
Dr. Hawwa HanaObstetrics & Gynecology21 July08:30pm
Dr. Meeta JollyObstetrics & Gynecology21 JulyOFF
Dr. Mohamed Aseel JaleelObstetrics & Gynecology21 JulyOFF
Dr. Shanaz DoleObstetrics & Gynecology21 July6:30pm
Dr. Aminath Minna HussainPediatrics21 JulyOFF
Dr. Niyasha Ibrahim MohamedPediatrics21 July7:00pm
Dr. Zumra Latheef Pediatrics21 July12:00pm
Dr. Shanooha MansoorPsychiatry21 JulyOFF
Dr. Aminath Arifa Radiology21 July08:00pm
Dr. Aminath Nazeer Radiology21 July05:00pm
Dr. Mohamed WaheedSurgery21 July8:00pm
Dr. Neeza HaleemSurgery21 JulyOFF
Maumoon AsimSurgery21 JulyOFF
Dr. Mohamed Haikl Abdul RahmanDermatology22 JulyOFF
Asiya Abdul RaheemDietetics & Nutrition Therapy22 July08:00pm
Dr. Abdul Azeez YoosufInternal Medicine22 July10:00am
Dr. Ibrahim ShujauInternal Medicine22 JulyOFF
Dr. Rajib Dey Internal Medicine22 JulyOFF
Dr. Ibrahim ShihamNephrology22 JulyOFF
Dr. Ahmed RasheedNeurology22 July04:00pm
Dr. Hawwa HanaObstetrics & Gynecology22 July08:30pm
Dr. Meeta JollyObstetrics & Gynecology22 JulyOFF
Dr. Mohamed Aseel JaleelObstetrics & Gynecology22 JulyOFF
Dr. Shanaz DoleObstetrics & Gynecology22 July6:30pm
Dr. Aminath Minna HussainPediatrics22 JulyOFF
Dr. Niyasha Ibrahim MohamedPediatrics22 July7:00pm
Dr. Zumra Latheef Pediatrics22 July12:00pm
Dr. Shanooha MansoorPsychiatry22 JulyOFF
Dr. Aminath Arifa Radiology22 July8:00pm
Dr. Aminath Nazeer Radiology22 July5:00pm
Dr. Mohamed WaheedSurgery22 July8:00pm
Dr. Neeza HaleemSurgery22 JulyOFF
Maumoon AsimSurgery22 JulyOFF
Dr. Mohamed Haikl Abdul RahmanDermatology23 JulyOFF
Asiya Abdul RaheemDietetics & Nutrition Therapy23 July8:00pm
Dr. Abdul Azeez YoosufInternal Medicine23 JulyOFF
Dr. Ibrahim ShujauInternal Medicine23 JulyOFF
Dr. Rajib Dey Internal Medicine23 JulyOFf
Dr. Ibrahim ShihamNephrology23 JulyOFF
Dr. Ahmed RasheedNeurology23 July4:00pm
Dr. Hawwa HanaObstetrics & Gynecology23 July08:30pm
Dr. Meeta JollyObstetrics & Gynecology23 JulyOFF
Dr. Mohamed Aseel JaleelObstetrics & Gynecology23 JulyOFF
Dr. Shanaz DoleObstetrics & Gynecology23 July6:30pm
Dr. Aminath Minna HussainPediatrics23 JulyOFF
Dr. Niyasha Ibrahim MohamedPediatrics23 July7:00pm
Dr. Zumra Latheef Pediatrics23 July12:00pm
Dr. Shanooha MansoorPsychiatry23 JulyOFf
Dr. Aminath Arifa Radiology23 July8:00pm
Dr. Aminath Nazeer Radiology23 July5:00pm
Dr. Mohamed WaheedSurgery23 July8:00pm
Dr. Neeza HaleemSurgery23 JulyOFF
Maumoon AsimSurgery23 July05:00pm
Note: Schedule is subjected to change and might not reflect immediately.